The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.

Vince Lombardi

Angie G. Norris

According to Vince Lombardi will is what a successful person must possess. Angie Gulledge Norris, a Corporate Communications Manager and Hiring Manager at Technology Partners Inc., is a woman that thanks to her willingness in life has achieve a successful carrier. Angie G. Norris participated in my Survey of Professional Media class as a guest speaker. During her speech, she talked about her current and past jobs, her education, and she shared to us a series of recommendations and advices toward our future carriers.  

Norris’s currently job is Business Development Manager at Technology Partners. As a Corporate Communications Manager, Angie provides the internal company communications, develops sponsorship ads and campaigns, organizes and executes all company events, manages printing like printing materials, assists in strengthening branding and manages the Company’s social media. Some of her specialties are: marketing, business development, request for proposals (RFPs), corporate communications, sponsorship ads, social media, etc. Before working at Technology Partners, she used to be a Marketing Communications Specialist at Spartech Corporation, a Strategic Marketing & Vendor Coordinator at A.G. Edwards and a Financial Consultant Assistant at A.G. Edwards.

“Be the best of the best.”

Angie G. Norris


Norris went through what almost every college student goes through: uncertainty and indecision. During college, she was studying math because she wanted to be a math professor as her future carrier. She changed her mind as her dad convinced to study another carrier that would bring her a better future, so she stated majoring in Finance. Why Finance? According to Norris because it was one of the “hot jobs” by the time.  Nowadays, she works for something totally different from what she studied. She is on top on her game because she went in search for a job that she liked. She turned herself into a proactive person. Learning by her own guided her to become what is now a successful working woman.

“Take initiative; be on top of your game.”

Angie G. Norris

Taking an advice into account will always give you wisdom at the end. Let’s take into account  Angie G. Norris advices which are:

  1. Earn respect at your workplace.
  2. Be careful with the usage of personal social media at work.
  3. Be proactive and start learning software’s like Microsoft, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash.
  4. Do an internship related to your major in order to gain more experience.
  5. Take advantage of the benefits of the company you work for.
  6. Try everyday to become more a multitasked type of person.
  7. Learn social skills that will help you manage yourself in a more professional way at work.
  8. Do some research about your interests.

 Sometimes in life, we experience moments of doubt because we don’t know what we want to do with our lives. Angie G. Norris had those moments too, but she went in search for a job that she really enjoy working for. Today, she shares her learning experience, and advises everyone to go out in search for what you really want in life. 

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