Sometimes there are moments in our lives in which we asked to ourselves am I taking the right choice? What should I do? We filled our head with all these insecure questions about our future, but the truth is that the answers to those questions come along the way and not in the moment we want to. We have to learn how to be patient.

           In Panama, high schools require you to choose one from the following fields: Science, Marketing & Advertising, Accounting and Liberal Arts. The field you choose is the one you are going to study in your last three years of high school. By that time, I think you are not 100 percent sure of what you want to study and work the rest of your life. Well, I chose Science. In my senior year at high school, about two years ago, almost all my classmates and friends had chosen their careers, or at least they had researched different career fields. I was completely lost and clueless because I had realized Science was not my thing, but I was sure of one thing I wanted to study in the United States. I enrolled myself in Louisville University at Panama. There I found out that most of the study plans from American universities allow you to take General Education courses, and later on you can choose the career you have found interest on. In Panama, it is completely different because you must choose a career as soon as you are enrolled. If in the future you decided to change, you might have to start all over again. First, when I got here at Lindenwood University, I was still not sure about what I wanted to study. I started to have sort of an idea when I started talking to my advisor Mike Wall. I told him all the stuff I like doing like creating presentations, plans for projects, organizing events. Those were stuffs I enjoyed doing all the time, and my classmates used to tell me how good I was at doing them. Also, I was really good at giving speeches, I though why not majoring in a career that involved speaker and creativity skills at the same time. That’s why I am currently double-majoring a Bachelor in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a Bachelor in Advertising. I have realized that those types of decisions take time. Working at Lindenwood’s LUTV station, taking some general education courses related to Mass Media, and following my advisor’s advices helped me take chose my career. Whether I might change it in the future, it’s an uncertain question. 

Rift Fournier

          Today, at my Survey of Professional Media class we had a special host. Rift Fournier, a recognized writer and professor at Lindenwood University, came to class, and spoke to us how to be successful in our future careers and life. Prof. Fournier’s speech brought to me a missing piece that fitted perfectly into my life puzzle. Prof. Rift Fournier started his speech with a brief background of his childhood. He pointed out how he passed from being a sixteen year old sportive teenager to be confined into a wheelchair due to Polio.  It is encouraging how in spite of his disability, he was still able to succeed in life. He went thought the same uncertainty almost all teenagers go through: What occupation should I major in? When he was a child, Rift wanted to be a doctor or lawyer because his parents wanted him to major in those careers. But Rift wanted to be writer instead. In order to get a good job, he says:

“You must get lucky because the world of the arts is not a fair world.”

Prof. Fournier brought out an important piece of advice which was that writing is an important component when getting a job. Learning how to be a good writer it is important because it will demonstrate your grade of education. He says:

“If you want to be a writer you better re-write because the best writers write and re-write.”

According to Prof. Fournier, storytelling when writing will allow you to articulate your thinking, and help you reach people’s emotions. He says:

 “It’s all about telling the story well, it’s not hard to do because stories had been always part of our everyday life.”

Besides encouraging us to improve our writing skills, Prof. Fournier mentioned several other piece of advises of incredible encouraging value each one. He pointed out how the web is an incredible source of opportunities nowadays, but in order to succeed in it you should work your bud off, he said. According to Prof. Fournier, intelligence has limits, but stupidity doesn’t. He says:

“Don’t be an unlimited stupid person.”

He also advices us to learn how to think critically because nowadays media bombards us with this huge amount of information that we must be able to try to find out what is real and what isn’t. According to Prof. Fournier, getting a good job demands you to take risks. He said:

“I got good jobs because I campaign. I had to work my ass off.”

Finally, he brought out his last advice which was the fact that you must love what you do. He closed up saying:

“My favorite jobs I had have been: children programming (past job) and teaching at Lindenwood University (current job) because they have been two jobs I have really loved doing.”

          Thanks to Rift’s amazing way of conveying his unique and unvaluables advices, I walked out of the class with a different mentality. Part of that, I realized that I should start improving my reading and writing skills. Also, I must start investing better my time here at Lindenwood. What I meant with this is that I should start getting more experience in my field, so by the time I get out of college I can say: “I am prepared for battle.” Today, I can say am not the lost and clueless girl of two years ago, and I know if I comitted myself to I will make it someday.


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