Do you know about Media in Panama?

All types of Media are important in other to keep inform, entertain and join together a population even though it’s for a small country like mine. Panama is located in Central America, and it is best known because of The Panama Canal.  In our history,The United States played an important role in our history. From 1904 until 1999, Americans lived in Panama. Because of all these years of American presence, Panamanian Media since it was born has been influenced by the American culture. It’s important to stand out that not only media, but also some of our own traditions.  As we are so small, our Media is a very small business.  Our most famous Medias are: La Prensa, Ellas, Radio Mix, and TVN.

La Prensa


Since it’s beginning, La Prensa has always been Panamanians top news paper. Because of it’s credible format in which they present their news. In Panama there other news papers, but usually they tend to exaggerate the new in other to catch more audience, and create controversy. I would compare La Prensa to The New York Times in terms of the way they present their content, and have earn credibility among their audiences. La Prensa includes a translated section from the New York Times. La Prensa owns the magazine every women in Panama loves. This Magazine is called Ellas.


As I mentioned on the video, every Friday women from almost all ages rush to buy La Prensa. Why? Because on Fridays when you buy La Prensa this magazine comes within it. On Fridays,  the cost instead of being 35 cents it is 50 cents because it includes Ellas. Ellas it’s a magazine that combines interesting topics  from Fashion trends to health tips. Their articles caught you attention because they are usually focus on taboos every women has. If I had to compare it to an American magazine I would compare it to Cosmopolitan  Magazine due to their similar content.

One Media that I consider is similar to the US ones is the radio. As I mentioned before we are so Americanized that most of the songs you can listen in Panamanians radios are American songs. Radios like Radio Mix would do shows in the morning, afternoon, and at night. An hour for different types of music. Latin, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop & Rock. That’s why it’s called Radio Mix.



In Panama, We only have around 30 Local channels and TVN Canal 2 stands as one of the most popular ones. TVN broadcast their News at 6:00 am, 12:00pm and at 6:00pm. Their News are called “TVN Noticias”. This channel broadcast News, Local and International Shows. TVN broadcast novelas (soup-operas) as well as American most popular series like 24, Prison Break, Smallville and others. 

Targeting Publicity

Something that caught my attention about Media here in the US is the way some companies in order to make their product stand out target their opponents. Targeting Publicity like the one Domino’s Pizza does against Papa John’s, Pizza Hut or Subway is a way of advertising illegal in Panama. In Panama, if the company wants to refer to another product has to censor the competence otherwise the commercial will not be air on TV or radio.



As I am an International student, before I came here I though College life was going to be like the ones you see in movies like Mean Girls or American Pie. Why? because of the Media that is broadcast and advertise from the US to the rest of the world. I think it is kind of like those movies, but without Lindsay Lohan taking revenge on Regina George. 

I am glad I am majoring in Mass Communication here in The United States because I have the oppportunity to learn, and contrast how is  media here and in Panama.