You Feel Silenced at Work? Let Facebook Free You!

Have you ever wanted to express your complains about your job, but you were afraid off getting fired? Have you and your co-workers felt threatened about changes coming up such as wages getting cut and layoffs, and not being able to comment or do something about it?

In the past, getting our point of view expressed was a challenge that included financial resources in order to afford a good marketing campaign. Getting ourselves expressed at work represented  a challenge too. Finding a way to communicate our concerns without getting a bad reputation in front of our boss, or getting fired was a big challenge. Nowadays, being able to express ourselves, and being able to share common interests with other people wouldn’t be possible if Social Media such as Facebook would not have appeared into our lives.

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 Journalists Use Facebook as a Bargaining Tool

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If everyday millions of users log-in into Facebook and other social medias to express themselves whether by posting a picture or sharing a video, why not using it also as a way to express concerns about our job, and be able to make a change. That’s what the jounalists from the Detroit Media Partnership, a partnership between Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News, are doing in order to keep their wages from being cut to 12%. Due to the actual economic crisis, a group of journalists from Detroit is being asked to accept a 12% cut wage. In order to express their dissatisfaction, and get followers they have decided to use Facebook as a bargaining tool. They have created a Facebook page that has already gained 100 friends and interested visitors. Matt Helms, a Detroit Free Press journalist and page administrator, posted on Sunday:

“We’re in negotiations now with the Detroit Media Partnership, which wants 12% pay cuts, a wage freeze (which we’ve had for two years) and higher worker payments for a crappier health care plan than we’ve already got. We’ve already kissed raises goodbye, switched to a less-than-good health care system …and took furloughs while the higher ups in corporate get raises and bonuses. Enough is enough.”

Helm’s way of expressing his argumentative point gives us a good example how social media should be use in labor issues in order to bring the company and their employees into a common agreement. According to Rich Harshbarger, Vice President for Consumer Marketing and Communications for Detroit Media Partnership:

“Social media is a communications tool for companies and organizations to share information almost immediately.”

If you feel you can make yourself be heard at your workplace by the use of social media as a valuable tool capable of solving issues at your job, why not start taking advantage of it. Just keep in mind the way you are going to use it, and try to avoid situations like job fails. Pay attention to the picture below from

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