In past decades, there have been populations that have been given a descriptive name like the “Baby Boom “ generation. Some were given due to the increase or decrease in newborns within those years. But what about if a generation is given the name due to the technological advances taking place? Generation Y, or better known as “Millennial Generation” is the name given to the population that has grown up with the technological booms of the Millennium. I consider myself an “Echo Boomer”, which means after the Baby Boom generation, because I have experienced the evolution of the Internet, cellphones, computers, TV. Exactly, ten years ago when I wanted to do some homework on the Internet I had to wait like around 2o min. to get online through a very slow Dial-up connection. Nowadays, I just open my laptop and I am already connected through wireless Internet. I remember when my Dad one day came home with this huge Nokia cellphone. I was like “Oh! Daddy that’s super cool, now I call you where ever you are.” Today, with the use of a smartphone’s like the i-phone 4 you can add applications like Skype and make Live calls. Seeing almost a decade of technological improvements makes you think you have grown up along with them.